Raj Prem Discusses Photography Work Of Beatles, Stones Tour Manager

Depicting the culture of rock music between 1963 and 1972, Raj Prem’s collection has been showcased in different countries and galleries worldwide, such as the United States, U.K., Dubai, Japan, and the Netherlands. He hosts critically acclaimed exhibitions such as The Decca Years, which highlights the works of Philip Townsend, Michael Cooper, and Dominique Tarle during the band’s jump from chart hits to rock movement leaders. Prem is pursuing in Bonis’ Beatles photos to complement the works he has displayed in nearly 100 exhibitions, featuring the works of photographers like Robert Freeman, David Hurn, iain macmillan et al who have documented the world’s favorite Fab Four, the Beatles, for more than four decades.

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Raj Prem Helping Rolling Stones Complete Documentary Photobook

Musical tastes are certainly some of the most subjective opinions that exist, and blanket statements about tracks and artists are often difficult to back up. However, a few are simply inarguable. One of those special universally held opinions is certainly that The Rolling Stones are among the greatest rock and roll bands of all time. On the musical side alone, a strong argument can be made that band has written some of the most memorable and iconic songs rock music has produced. Despite this, it may be the band’s reputation that truly sets them apart from any others. The Rolling Stones set the standard for ways that rock bands should present themselves. Now, from German publisher TASCHEN, editor Reuel Golden, and the band members’ personal archives, comes an unprecedented look into their fifty-year history in a collectible book simply titled “The Rolling Stones”. Along with a number of previously unseen images, top photo collector and exhibition curator, Raj Prem, has given several definitive prints for this one-of-a-kind book.

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