How to take a perfect photo for your account

There will be no second chance for you to make the first impression. Read our article to avoid the most common mistakes.

Nowadays, people tend to meet on the internet. This fact makes our profile pictures so important. As you know, each photo can deliver a completely different first impression about you. We are going to share some tips with you on how you can take photos that will give people a positive impression about you .

Don't hide your face

Sunglasses may be looking good and stylish, but not on your photos. Put them away if you are searching for new relations with russian girls for dating. When meeting people pay attention to eye contact. It is essential, even when it comes to photography. When you look into someone's eyes, your body produces oxytocin. It is the hormone of trust. Which makes you feel connected with another person and makes you want to chat with him or her and get to know them better. But when you hide your eyes behind the glasses, the brain does not receive any impulses. Thus, the amount of those who would like to get acquainted decreases.

Look directly into the camera

People look more attractive when you can see their full face on the photo. On a subconscious level, we see an open posture and wide shoulders as signs of respect. We start to believe that this person pays attention to us. The same happens in real-life communication. It's nice when during the conversation your friend is fully turned towards you. If he or she acts oppositely, then it seems as if it is unpleasant for them to communicate with you.

Pay attention to the background

People appreciate not only your posture and natural looks but also the background. Drawing someone's else interest requires more than just having a pretty face. Your photos should have a story inside. Besides, a photo on the beach, in the mountains, a restaurant or a club will tell others about your hobbies. For other people, it will be clear whether you have something in common. This helps them to decide whether it is worth starting an acquaintance with you at all.

Don't forget to smile

Photos of smiling people attract more attention. We consider smiling people as open and cheerful. People want to communicate with those who are happy and successful. But you need to know how to smile. For women, it is nice to have a wide smile. But men should be more careful while smiling. Don't open your mouth, moving your lips is enough.

Show your hands

Hands are indicators of honesty. If a person shows his or her hands in a photograph, subconsciously we consider him or her more reliable. Also, the hands in the photo tell us that a person is not dangerous: he or she is open and will not cause harm.

Radiate confidence

Photos also show how confident you are. Remember, your confidence attracts people because everyone subconsciously wants to get acquainted with a self-sufficient person. Nobody wants to rake the complexes and solve other people's problems. Confident people always keep their backs straight. Their gaze is open; they often lay their hands behind their heads. It is almost impossible to see any tension in people who act like that.

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