How to take stunning photos from your trip via your smartphone

A smartphone is the best tool to capture events and emotions while traveling. However, the quality of the resulting images often leaves much to be desired. We are going to reveal some secrets of mobile photography to help you take stunning photos of your trip.

1. Brighten the shadows

Most photo editing tools have options for adjusting light and shadows. And you should use it. To improve your landscape photos, you need to balance the exposure by adding light to the shadows and darkening the highlights a bit. You may also try to use various filters to the photo to bring warm colors to the image.

Add a vignette and shadow effect to make it brighter

The vignetting adds a dark border around the perimeter and brightens the middle of the photo. You should increase the saturation if the original photo is too dark. You should also try to add a bit of sharpness to separate small things from one another. These tricks will help to keep the photo natural.

Edit the image and then return all settings to 50%

It is very important. The trick helps you make your photo look natural. Edit the image as you used to do it, and then return all settings to 50%. Last year, Instagram users finally got the opportunity to control the level of the filters. Select a filter, and then click on it again to apply these settings.

And one more tip: don't use the LUX tool on Instagram. Its task is to correct the lack of contrast, but it makes the photo unnatural.

Capture people wherever possible

Landscapes look better when there are people on them. Because they help to convey the scale of objects. Plus, it adds a story to your photograph.

Hold your smartphone upright when shooting for Instagram

To simplify your task, hold the camera upright: it’s easier to fit everything you need for the photo into a square area. Better yet, immediately configure the camera to capture only square images. The aspect ratio of 4:3 is way better for taking photos. Because usually, it catches a greater field of view. Remember, the aspect ratio of 16:9 is simply a cropped version of 4:3 because a smartphone camera sensor is made to capture an image at 4:3.

When shooting landscapes, press the volume button to take a photo

Did you know that in the camera on the iPhone you can press the volume button to take a picture? The same is true for phones running on Android. You can assign the taking photo function to the volume button in the settings. This method will make it more convenient to take the photo. Thus avoiding the "shaking hands" effect, which can ruin the photo.

Use the flash only if you know how to work with it.

If you don’t know how to use the flash properly, then it is better not to use it at all. Sometimes the flashlight can help you a lot. But it is extremely difficult to use it properly. You may also try to set the ISO to the maximum. High ISO levels increase your camera’s ability to capture the light. Remember the maximum ISO you may see the noise or grain in the photograph. It is now always wrong, though.

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